Amsterdam Premium Cannabis Cultivation Facility Is Now Open!

The owners of the Amsterdam Premium Cannabis Dispensary in Battle Creek, Michigan have opened a State Of The Art  new cultivation facility built in Marshall, Michigan. The dispensary itself is pretty unique being a Hybrid Greenhousw using natural light as well as HIgh sodium and LED.  This allows for a natural process of growth for the plant. We also have recently added an indoor room for premium indoor lovers. 

The main goal for our expansion to a Cultivation was to help feed our own dispensary with a product that is pure and supreme to what is offered on the market today. The cultivation facility is growing the finest cannabis strains, making all types of marijuana concentrates, and creating a wide variety of edibles too. They are now able to keep up with the high demand for new products at their Battle Creek dispensary as well as supplying the entire state of Michigan.

This operation is pretty unique all on its own, but what makes it really stand out is the compassion and care the employees give to their process. All coming from a Medical caregiver stance with industry knowledge and background to help build a stable growing environment for the plants and employees. 

What are you waiting for? Make sure to stop in Battle Creek's Amsterdam Premium Cannabis Dispensary on your next trip through town or when you head into the Great Stae of  Michigan!

The cultivation facility is another step forward in the cannabis industry in Michigan. With so many existing dispensaries and cultivations throughout the state and more to come, the need for a clean and holistic cultivation facility is becoming increasingly important. The owners of Amsterdam Premium Cannabis have been able to create a business with the understanding that a quality product is crucial for this State. Our Goals include:

- Support dispensaries in the community with holistic fresh grown cannabis products

- Supply the state of Michigan with consistent, high quality cannabis products

Stop by Amsterdam Premium Cannabis whenever you're in Battle Creek to check out the dispensary! The staff is always friendly and ready to help you choose the best products for your specific needs. 

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