Recreational Use in Michigan

Recreational Use in Michigan

Can you feel the buzz? The recreational use of marijuana has been legalized in Michigan and that means people are getting creative with their businesses. All those enterprising individuals across the state have to go through some legal work before they can start a “cannabusiness” but it’s worth it.

The passage of recreational marijuana in Michigan has been a long and controversial debate. But, as the first state to pass such legislation in the Midwest region, it is clear that cannabis reform will continue spreading across our country!

In Michigan, only adults over the age of 21 may use cannabis legally. In terms of where you can enjoy your newfound freedom to get high in public without fear of arrest – well, there’s a limit: it must be done within an enclosed space at home or on private property that is not visible from any street or sidewalk and cannot cause damage to neighboring properties.

Possession of cannabis is an issue that has many different intricacies. Whether you are at home or out in public, the amount of pot that you can carry varies depending on where you are. For example, while it may be legal to possess up to 10 ounces within your residence, this number changes when outside and legally carrying 2.5 ounces maximum- but not more than 25 grams!

As cannabis becomes more and more legalized, Michigan is making waves in the industry with a wide variety of shops that are currently open for business. The state’s culture has been transformed by this change, creating an influx of new visitors looking to explore its rich history and diverse scenery – all while they enjoy their high-qualitry local products.

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