Amsterdam Premium Cannabis Celebrating One Year Anniversary

Amsterdam BC Premium Cannabis storefront

Amsterdam Premium Cannabis Company is celebrating their 1 Year Anniversary July 31, 2021

Amsterdam Premium Cannabis Company is celebrating their one year anniversary coming up at the end of July this year! Celebrating milestones can be fun for many reasons, and Amsterdam has a lot to celebrate. This company was founded with the goal in mind that providing people with premium cannabis products would help them live well-balanced lives. Amsterdam has been in the cannabis industry for a year and they already have many achievements under their belt. The company’s first year brought them great success, which enabled Amsterdam to provide quality products that helped patients during this time of need. Now we get to wait with anticipation as we see what else is on offer from one of America’s most talented dispensaries! As their one year anniversary approaches, we can only guess what lies in store for them and eagerly await to see.

Amsterdam is a recreational cannabis dispensary located in Battle Creek, Michigan. Since the passage of Proposal 1 legalizing marijuana for adults over 21 years old and decriminalizing possession not exceeding 2.5 ounces on Nov 6th 2018 it has been a popular spot with Michiganders and tourists alike since July of 2020 to buy premium cannabis products from our 5,000 sq ft facility home to an opulent private lounge stocked full of high-quality product that will satisfy your needs whether you’re looking for CBD or THC strains ranging from fruity flavors like strawberry lemonade all the way up through 120 mg levels!

Ever since Proposal 1 passed allowing adult residents access to recreational marijuana Amsterdam has become one of the most frequented spots among Michiganders as well as outsiders who want a chance to get a taste of the many different delicious strains and other cannabis products that they have had to offer. The great thing is that with their one year anniversary coming up right around the corner now we will have a chance to see what sort of specials they will have in store for us and that is some very exciting news. 

For those of you who have yet to be lucky enough to have the chance to visit Amsterdam Premium Cannabis Company here in Battle Creek, MI, you can find them at 11280 East Michigan Avenue. Battle Creek, Michigan 49014. Their one year anniversary is also a great chance to check out the fact that they will be releasing their very own branded chocolates and strains that you won’t be able to find anywhere else! Just so you are ready to be one of the first in line they are open from 10am till 9pm all week long! If you have any questions of course you can always give them a call at 269-339-3379 and they will be happy to help you with anything you were curious about.

Of course some of you may be wondering just who Amsterdam Premium Cannabis Company is so let me take a moment to tell you exactly that. Amsterdam Premium Cannabis Company strives to offer the best cannabis products in Battle Creek. Their top shelf quality recreational and medicinal marijuana is sourced from local, homegrown craft cultivators who focus their efforts on providing a sustainable product that will give you consistent value for your money. 

Amsterdam Premium Cannabis Companies is a premium cannabis company that takes pride in providing connoisseur-level experiences. The mission of Amsterdam’s dispensary is to provide customers with the best possible experience by infusing both product and customer service into one seamless, immersive process. Every detail matters: from menu design down to shopper welcome kits for all new patients who visit their location! They’ve considered everything – including how they greet you when you walk through those doors as well as what products will be on offer inside each room we enter during your journey. And don’t worry about being overwhelmed or intimidated either; because everyone there is not only knowledgeable in their trade but they are very friendly as well.

If you are wanting to know more about Amsterdam Premium Cannabis Company then you are in luck as they have a well maintained website that is simply loaded with a wide variety of information. So simply go ahead and check out their website here at and see for yourself just what this great company has in store for you! Their website offers a huge variety of things from a history about them, news that they want to share, all the ways that you can contact them and a chance to shop their products on your own time as well! 

If you are anything like me then you really love to check out the best of the best when it comes to dispensaries and I promise you that the experience you have with Amsterdam Premium Cannabis Company will be by far above any other experience that you have had as of yet. I challenge you to give them a chance and go check them out and see for yourself exactly what they are about. I especially encourage you to go check them out during their one year anniversary coming up at the end of July this year! Don’t forget to ask them about their own personally branded products such as their chocolates that they are releasing as well as their very own strains that they are growing in their own plants. When a company like Amsterdam Premium Cannabis Company works to assure that they create their own products then you can truly be certain that the quality of the products that you are receiving is top notch and will brighten your day while also giving you exactly what it is that you are looking for when it comes to your own personal cannabis selections.

If you don’t want to take my word for it, then go ahead and hop on down to the dispensary now and take a look for yourself! Come check out Amsterdam Premium Cannabis Company and enjoy your visit!


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