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COVID-19 Updates

Amsterdam Premium Cannabis Company Is The Place To Get Platinum and Select Vapes in Battle Creek

SELECT Vapes in Battle Creek

At Amsterdam Premium Cannabis Company, we’re a dispensary and weed delivery based out of Battle Creek, Michigan that was founded by two people on different sides of the industry. One with all of the knowledge and research of the medicinal and healing benefits of cannabis. The other with deep knowledge on how to share that mindfulness for products while creating a successful business at the same time. 

This naturally became the recipe for a successful partnership. Amsterdam Premium Cannabis Company has now become one of the best places to shop for the most premium vape products.

Top Vape Cartridge Brands at Amsterdam Premium Cannabis Co.

Though we have an all-around choice inventory, there are a few products in the vape pen category that stand as favorites. A fantastic brand that our team at Amsterdam Premium Cannabis Co. offers is Platinum Vapes. This company was founded by a father and son team that is known for its exclusive terpene separation process using CO2. At  Amsterdam Co., we currently rock a 15% off deal on all Platinum Vapes cartridges. Check them out here.

Another brand of solid selection is the Select Elite vape cartridges. Select was an idea based on the cough from vape pens at the time. The Select team has strived to produce the best quality oil that doesn’t get you coughing up a lung. These well-crafted vape cartridges are known for their high potency and broad-spectrum. From half grams to full grams, we have Select Elite cartridges ranging from 80%-95% THC content. Shop Select Elite products here.

At Amsterdam Premium Cannabis Co., we have a wide variety of other premium vape cartridges that range from disposables to Delta-8 products. If you don’t feel that Platinum Vapes or Select Elite Vapes are a fit for you, then ask the Amsterdam team for advice. They will do their best to make sure you leave the store with the best possible product for you and your body and mind every time.

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