Lil Wayne’s “Gkua” hits the shelves at Battle Creek’s Amsterdam Premium Cannabis Company

Lil Wayne's "Gkua"

The legalization of the study, use, and distribution of medical and recreational cannabis has created a lot of opportunities for music artists who have been advocates for using marijuana to finally create their own cannabis brand. This has allowed these artists a chance to stand by something they are passionate about and personally use. This has never happened before where artists get to represent cannabis products without looking unprofessional or troublesome. 

Whether it be Xzibit, Ice Cube, or The Game, it would be difficult to step into a dispensary and not find at least one rapper’s brand of cannabis. 

Here at Amsterdam Premium Cannabis Company, we are ecstatic to carry the premium cannabis brand, Gkua, by the talented rapper, Lil Wayne. These fine products are nothing to sleep on as they are as fire as the bars dropped by their owner.

Lil Wayne’s Variety of Gkua Ultra Premium Products

There are many artists who have been smoking some of the best cannabis in the world and it seems appropriate that they are being asked to taste and approve products. This allows Lil Wayne and many other artists to fully endorse what they like. Lil Wayne and Gkua Ultra Premium cannabis are no different. Lil Wayne makes sure to test and approve each product before it hits the store shelves. 

Lil Wayne not only assures that “Gkua Ultra Premium is quality, purity, and potency,” he also uses it to show his brand is “about being real, being appreciative, and inspiring artists and dreamers.” If you are looking to learn more about Lil Wayne, his adventure into the cannabis industry, and his brand Gkua Ultra Premium, then click here.

From premium pre-rolls to killer carts, Gkua provides some of the best quality cannabis products and Amsterdam Premium Cannabis Company has it all! Gkua has created products from classic cannabis strains like Master Kush and Fire OG vape cartridges. They also have newer strains in their collection like the MAC, Key Lime Mintz, Sour Garlic Cookies.

If you have not tried Lil Wayne’s Gkua Ultra Premium cannabis products yet, then come on down to Amsterdam Premium Cannabis Company in Battle Creek, Michigan. You will find a wide selection of Gkua products and much more!

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